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The Oddest Taper

It’s almost Friday!!  And I’m on vacation!  😛

But let’s back up.  Even before the reality of a trail 25K kicked my ass, I knew I may have to adjust some things this week.   I figured if I was feeling extra achy and sore after Sunday, I would push Tuesday’s run to Wednesday and Thursday’s to Friday since I took a few days off for Surf City.  Ummm, what was I thinking running a 25K and a half 7 days apart?

13.1 It Takes a Special Kind of Idiot... I think I should start training for a half marathon :)
7 days later, ouch source

I was a little achy but headed to the gym on Tuesday per usual.  I ran super slow but I was just fine with that.  3.5 miles later, I stretched and called it a day.  Even though my pace was slow, I unintentionally pulled off the perceived effort progression that was on tap per my training plan.  Calling that a win!  Oh and my gym now has those scary stair things, it was interesting watching people on them.  But much better than the freaky cut-the-alien-out-of-the-stomach sci fi movie on in front me.  Blech, I love sci fi but not creature flicks.

Going Tuesday worked out well as I was so tired on Wednesday I overslept that morning.  Then I fell asleep in the comfy chair trying to watch Supernatural that night.  How I didn’t knock the laptop off my lap, I have no idea.   I had planned on running today per usual but my stomach was rebelling pretty badly so I went back to the Friday plan.  Well hopefully.  🙂  I kind of need to pack at some point too.

I got this... right?
I got this… right?

I took a few days off around Surf City because I figured these 8-9 days were going make me pretty tired.  However when I planned that I didn’t realize that was also my window to complete reviews at work.  So I spent most of this week trying to kick those out.  Or at least to a point where I only have to make some minor edits when I return.   Writing reviews stress me out, maybe that’s contributing to my tiredness.   I am so turning off the alarm tomorrow morning.

Wednesday was also my re-check with my gastro.  He’s at a loss, so we’re changing my medication.  This kind of freaks me out, I’ve been taking it for 12 years, what’s going to happen?  He actually warned me that I could have a rough couple of days when I make the change, so we agreed that I could do that Monday after the race.  Plus I have those days off so yay?    Way less exciting than the original plan to go to Disneyland on Monday.  But you know, measles.

Ever use those scary stair machines?  I am not even sure I could even get on one without falling.

Would you chance the measles?

Anyone racing this weekend or having a Super Bowl party?

Who cried at the Budweiser commercial?

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Talking about Training

Most of my online feeds are full of training talk these days.   I don’t remember reading this much last year.  Then again my only goal last November and December was to not take a long break from running like I had in previous years.  I was constantly starting over every January.   In November 2013 I ran 60 miles and 34 in December, not much but miles above previous years.   My first race was always in March so I usually felt like I had time to catch up.    Beyond that was always up in the air.

This year is ending a little different.   With a 25K the last weekend in January and a half the following weekend I need to get my butt in gear now.  Combine that with wanting to finally break 2 at SLO in April, and they seem like pretty large goals for this Slacker.    Particularly when you factor in my track record with training plans.

Sorry Hal
Sorry Hal

Up until 2014, I trained my own way.   For the most part it worked for me.  But this year I had goals and goals need plans right?   For SLO, I used a Nike+ training plan that was just too much mileage for me.   I tried Higdon’s intermediate plan for Rock’n around the Pier in July.    It didn’t work out so well.    Ventura was an effort in denial regarding my stomach and lungs.   Oh and remember this gem?  Could I have made it any harder to understand?


I started training 12 weeks out from my 25k.  Following Surf City, I aim to take a week off before getting back to training for SLO.  That’s 11 weeks.    With my stomach still dictating most of my pace and never having run back to back double-digit races, my goal for January is to just finish both races- no real speed or time goals.    The plan is simple- run 4 days a week, try to cross train once.  The tricky part lies in the weekends- back to back runs of at least 6 miles per day, topping out at 12.  Even just typing that made me tired.  There’s a reason I call myself a Slacker.     🙂  I would like to throw in a speed workout every other week but that will be up to my lovely stomach.

Well, that failed
Well, that failed

If I can stick to this, I think hope that I will be starting the year with a solid base.  Hopefully that base will make me a stronger runner and I can really focus on speed for SLO.  Fingers crossed.    As for my plan- looking back I realized that my strongest half of the year was Wine Country in March.  Granted, I was also the healthiest then.  Barring an asthma issue during miles 5-7, I felt strong and ran 95% of it.   Damn stupid hill at mile 12.    And I trained my way- it was amazingly head game free- and I want to get back to that.

Pretty easy first two weeks.  Next week steps up.
Pretty easy first two weeks. Next week steps up.

And how am I tracking my plan? A 90 cent student planner and pens because that is how I roll.   🙂    I’ve bought expensive logs and only used them a month.  I tried Daily Mile as a way to track and never followed through.  This fits in my purse, doesn’t take up a lot of space and I am hoping will be great incentive to keep it up! What can I say, I like filling in the purple for following through!

Happy weekend!

How do you train? Any suggestions?

What are your plans this weekend?

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Call me Crazy

Starting with the smiles-


Never be a naysayer!  I said that I didn’t think there was any way that my location would win an award in the Halloween contest at work. I was wrong!  We won the “Funniest Location” award.  I think it helped that a customer put himself in our chalk outline while the executive was there checking us out.  And that wasn’t the only customer who was willing to get down on the floor for a photo opportunity.     Turns out the CSI theme was a hit.  We get lunch catered in sometime soon as our prize.    🙂

Followed by coming clean-

Hello, my name is Fallon and this is Slacker Runner.   Some may have seen the change when I comment on other blogs.   Back when I started this blog I was aiming for a little anonymity.   So I misspelled my name and blurred my race bibs.   Then I got real.   I mean, seriously, I was sharing race times, race dates and names of races, etc.  Doesn’t take much more than that and there’s my name.  Plus it wasn’t even spelled that different.  I’ve been meaning to update this for a while but the Slacker in me won for a while. I finally followed through.   There a few things I am going to update on the blog in future actually.   Fun fact- Falyn came about years ago when I wanted to be a writer and was playing around with pen names.  I have a few more stashed away.   🙂

And ending with the crazy-

Last night this happened-Surf City USA Marathon and Half Marathon - California's Classic Oceanfront Marathon and Half MarathonWoo hoo!  I am stoked.  I have wanted to run Surf City for a few years now but always had a reason why the timing wasn’t right.    It’s still not right but I’m not going to wait anymore.     I am looking forward a fun race.  It will also be the biggest race I have run so far- 20,000 runners- that’s a lot of people!   This will not be a goal race of 2015, my only goal is to cross the finish line.

Wise Oscar Wilde's words: life is now, stop waiting!
Can always count on pinterest for motivation

Which brings me to why it is still not the best timing.  As of right now, I am running a 25K trail race with 3200′ elevation gain the weekend before.   Insert sheepish face here!!!!  Both of the races will be more like long runs than races.  I am both nervous and super excited for them.   And yes I understand the insanity of this undertaking.    I think.  I am currently working on adapting the half marathon training plan that I started yesterday.

Once getting through both of those, I plan to take a week off of running.  Then it’s time to train for my goal race for Spring- SLO Marathon Half.  Maybe I can break 2:00?  I am kind of nervous about having plans like this so early.  I rarely plan that far in advance!  On the upside, this gives me the perfect incentive to keep working hard through the holidays.   Which means I won’t start the new year feeling fluffy and in a training hole.  Well, hopefully.  🙂   I have to follow through and get my butt to the treadmill.

Now onto you guys-

Ever sign up for something crazy?  Got any training suggestions?

Ever run Surf City?  Or SLO?  Or back to back race weekends?

No, seriously, training ideas?

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January Recap

Yesterday was a glorious rest day.  It was a longer than usual work day, so that plus my tiredness from Monday and Tuesday turned into a rest day.   I won’t lie, it was pretty nice.   I still played nice with my foam roller but other than that no running or running shoes.  I did end up going up and down a ladder a ridiculous number of times at work.  We finally took down the last of the Christmas decorations; the garland strung around the exposed beams in the ceiling.   That turned out to be more of a workout than I had planned.  🙂

My plan called for 6 miles yesterday but just like the 8 on Tuesday, I made adjustments.   I swapped yesterday’s run and today’s rest day.   I was still not feeling it this evening so I ran 5 and called it done.  I think that a plan needs to be adaptable to the runner.  I could have forced myself to run the last 3 on Tuesday and the last 1 today but they would have been crappy miles.  I would rather have quality over quantity.   Which is kind of contradictory as I am trying to up my mileage, but I want to do it smartly.

Tonight started out a little stiff but just over a mile in, it finally eased up.   I wanted to keep it easy tonight but my feet must have disagreed- I kept punching the treadmill!  😦  Oops.  I made sure to keep my breathing even and if I felt like I was getting huffy, I would slow down.  I took advantage of those moments to drink water without spilling it all over myself.   🙂   NikeC showed up at some point and texted me that I had outrun everyone around me.  When I showed up, the treadmills were mostly full but I found one near the door surrounded by people who were just arriving and jumped on.  2 miles in they were all gone.  Did I smell or something?


I finished out my 5 and walked a cool down.  I then stretched before cleaning my machine.  Yes, I stretch on the treadmill; those bars sure are handy.  🙂  I chatted a bit with NikeC before heading out.  She’s running Surf City this weekend, woo hoo!!!  She’s gonna rock it, I know.  I then headed home for a nice warm shower and my roller.  I was also able to catch up on Supernatural while working on this post.  I was only distracted a few times.  🙂

Back to upping my miles,  I decided to try doing a monthly recap.  That way I can see and share what I’ve done- what worked and what didn’t.   Tonight was my last run for January, so here goes-


77 miles?!  Sweet, especially considering I took 8 consecutive days off when I was sick.    Looking at those numbers makes me proud but it also shows me why I am tired.  I went from a 30 mile month (granted it was December) to just shy of 80.    I would like to stay around this number of monthly miles but I am rethinking some things, got to work out the kinks.  I think I had a few good ideas while running tonight but any great epiphany had while running should always be slept on first.  Right?

Tomorrow is Friday, woo hoo!!!! How was everyone’s weeks?

How did your resolutions/ goals go for January?

Who are you rooting for on Sunday?