The SF Marathon Week 16 Training

I just had to look up what week I was in, it’s all starting to blur.  πŸ˜›

The head games have multiplied…the race is so close and unfortunately my last few weeks of running have not been confidence building.   More like the exact opposite.    I felt pretty damn good after my 20 miler a few weeks ago.  I haven’t since.  I’m trying to tell myself that it’s all part of training but I hurt and I am tired and I just… I don’t know.

Monday- Rest.  I had a few vacation days from work and it was so nice to have no alarm to set.   I really wanted to sleep in but I woke up a little before 8.  Grr.  However, I must have slept soundly- I woke up with a dead arm.  Guess I hadn’t moved from the first position I fell asleep in.

Tuesday- 7.12 miles.  Birthday miles!!!  Another day off too.  I was torn what to run today.  I know some people like to run their birthday but let’s be real, there was no way I was running 35 miles or kilometers.  35 minutes seemed too short and 3.5  miles seemed like a cop out.  So instead I ran the day.  It slow and hot but it was fun.  I ran to the high school where my mother was having tennis practice.  I then dragged her along to a local burger place to get my free burger!!! The little things excite me.

Wednesday- Rest.  Back to work.  They bought me donuts!

Thursday- 3.75 miles.  Talk about slow!  I think all the over indulging of the past few days caught up with me, I did not feel well.   Plus, I decided that until the marathon, I should probably wear flats.  I forgot how sore that would make me.  Ouch!

Friday- Rest.   I still felt off, I think I found my sugar intake limit.  Rough.  A new toy came in the mail though.

Saturday- Rest.  Sensing a pattern here?  After feeling poorly for 2 days, I chose sleep over running.   After a few errands, I just had a low key evening.  Plus, I was sucked into streaming Stranger Things on Netflix.  So good.

Sunday- 13.1 miles.  Dress rehearsal.   My last long run of training.  Plan ( what plan) called for 12, I wanted 16.  Yes, I know that’s stupid.  I was also testing a few things out this run.   When I was shopping in Santa Barbara last weekend, I picked up a new Lululemon skirt for race day.  I also recently ordered a new hydration vest as well.   I’ve never been a huge fan of them but I need to be able to carry more water than just my handheld.  So this long run was a test of all that.

Good lord, it was rough.  It took my legs 4.5 miles to warm up.  My lungs wanted no part in running.  I probably should have tested the hose on the hydration pack before running.  I choked twice.   My new skirt rode up in very uncomfortable ways and yet also migrated down.  That shouldn’t be possible?!   I just kept moving forward.  I hit 13.1 and called it for the day.   Called my mom for a pick up as I was 4 miles from home and went for Chipotle.   I really need to stop eating when I’m stressed.

24 miles for the week.  Bring on taper.  Even though part of me is excited for no long run next week, I feel like I haven’t done enough to prepare.   The voices in my head are getting louder.   But, this is the best week to quiet them.  It’s fair time!!!!!   It’s time for my yearly indulgence in a funnel cake.  Hopefully, I’ve detoxed enough from birthday cake/ donuts to enjoy it.   I look forward to a funnel cake and pretzel all year long until fair time.    πŸ˜›

So here’s to week 17- another week in flats, even fewer miles and a funnel cake at the end.

How was your week?  Do anything fun?

Do you have a dress rehearsal run?

What’s your favorite fair food?

17 thoughts on “The SF Marathon Week 16 Training

  1. Happy belated birthday! That’s so awesome your coworkers got you donuts… I would love birthday donuts πŸ™‚ I have a feeling you’re going to have a fab race and a fun experience! My fingers will remain crossed so that it’s true πŸ™‚ My favorite fair food is fried dough… I think it’s essentially the same as funnel cake but one solid, flat piece instead of lattice-y like funnel cake is (?). Anyway- yum!!


    1. Thank you!! Birthday donuts were pretty awesome but donuts are awesome anytime right? I’ve never seen fried dough but it sounds amazing. I pretty much let myself get whatever I want at the fair- it only comes once a year and I only go one day so why not? πŸ™‚

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      1. Donuts ARE awesome anytime! And I totally support your fair decision… if I had a fair I went to, I’d follow the same logic! πŸ™‚

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  2. Great, between you and Heather I’m going to have to try Stranger Things… funny about the skirt… they don’t make my size so I don’t have those troubles!
    I hope the camelback gets better – it looks good on you!


  3. Just keep running, you will be fine!! I hear this method is supposed to exhaust you!! Good call on the birthday miles, I had the same internal struggle with not wanting to run 26 miles, minutes or 2.6 miles lol I didn’t even think to do 6.05 and it was a celebratory day for South Dakota because that’s their area code so they have little celebrations! Next year I will know.


    1. I think if I had stuck to my training plan I would feel like there was a reason to be tired. But I’ve only been running 3x a week so I feel like that’s not enough. I think I will just keep my fingers crossed.πŸ˜€


  4. Sounds like you’re in the midst of taper and marathon brain combined, which in my (very limited) experience makes everything seem so much worse. But kudos to you for taking a few days off work, it sounds like you needed it plus you got to celebrate your birthday properly! I need to learn to take it easy and maybe take a few vacation days closer to the marathon- sometimes weekends just get taken up with running and life admin and you need a day to just do nothing!


  5. No need to worry this is all part of the plan. Taper will get your legs right back to where they need to be.

    Great job testing out the pack. It takes some getting used to, the bottle is spray where the pack is usually pulling the water out. Much different action. Home stretch now!!


    1. That’s my hope! Though I may be taking taper too far- I haven’t run in three days!
      Yes, the pack was different.. I am running again with it this weekend. I am only doing 8 but figured why not?


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