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Slightly Unfocused

Ever have one of those runs that makes you feel crazy?  Today’s run went something like this–

Yay, the sun is shining- oh more geese, but they don’t look cranky today, that’s good- wow, this feels hard, maybe I’m running too fast- check watch- oh a 10 minute mile, not so tempo-ok, let’s make this an easy run- well that’s assuming I can finish this second lap- man this kicking my butt, 3 is good right- left, right, left- take deep breathes- just keep going- ok, 3 miles done, I can do 1 more right?- this is not easy- man, it’s hot-get over it, it’s like 60, big baby- man why is this so hard- yeah Saturday was 11 miles not 8 but 3 were slow walking- did I foam roll? I can’t remember- I took Sunday off, I should be fine- it is Monday and work was busy but aren’t all Mondays?- Maybe I too much popcorn last night- did I eat enough today- I did start earlier, but I took a full lunch, so those cancel out right?-hey look, sprinklers! Can I run though them?- Water sounds really good right now, why didn’t I bring any?- Yay 4 miles! But I’m on the other side of the lake- If I keep running, I will get to my car quicker-  just keep running, just keep breathing- man, I feel hot- even the nasty lake water looks inviting- on second thought, not so much- oh thank god, the parking lot- pause watch- oh wait, 4.70 miles- I can run a bit further right?- I can finish 5- oh this sucks-what was I thinking- I should have quit at 3-just keep breathing- yay the watch vibrated!- 5 and done- where’s water- I should stretch-ooh, my splits kind of look like a pyramid.

photoSo, I was just a tad unfocused during tonight’s run.    Throughout the day I was undecided about what I would run.  I was torn between 4 miles of downhill-uphill in work town or a 5 mile tempo at the lake path.   I had my Wave Rider’s, so I was hoping for a repeat of last week’s great speed work out and I headed to the lake.  While work had been long (I started early) and crazy busy; we managed to get out on time.  The sun was shining and the weather looked great, so I started my drive.  I was still excited when I got to the lake, but it didn’t take long to lose that energy.   After the first mile, I mentally changed from the planned tempo to an easy run but it was rough the whole way through.  I should have quit at 3; I really should have.   I also should have taken water.  What good is my shiny new handheld if I don’t use it?  As I was stretching, I figured out that it was actually in the mid 80’s.  At 7:00 pm… oops.  That’s not even a newbie mistake, just me being stupid.5mile

Overall, the pace didn’t suck.  I drove home remembering all the times I ran 12:00 minute miles just wishing I could break 10.  This may have been a less than stellar run but overall it’s still an improvement.   🙂   I managed a long slow run of 8 miles on Saturday.   8 miles at 10:18- that used to be my 5k race pace, so that’s a plus.     After those 8 miles, I headed out for another 3 with my mom and the puppy.  So Saturday was an 11 mile day, yowza.  Nothing to complain about there.

Could have used this earlier...

I took Sunday off but it wasn’t exactly restful.   I headed down to SLO to browse hardwood options with my mother.  Hit Dick‘s and finally chose a new gym bag.   Had a yummy lunch before heading back to town to go to a friends BBQ.  I got to hang out with Baby G for a bit 🙂  She has gotten so big; she walks and dances now!    I went home to do some laundry, then I joined my mom at the school.  They’re doing construction so she needed help moving all of her tennis stuff. (Can we count that as strength training? Ha!)   That was followed by a quick dinner before going to the theater to see Captain America.  Which was awesome, but I may have indulged in a little too much popcorn.  It was worth it.  🙂

Could have used this earlier
Could have used this earlier

Please tell me I am not the only who conversations in their head while running?

Seen any good movies lately?




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Let the taper begin

Happy Monday!!

Saturday I was hoping to do an 8 mile dress rehearsal run.    Last longish run before my race and I was planning to wear everything that I want to wear for the race.    The perfect dress rehearsal would have been to run it in the morning but I had an early tire appointment and was still so tired from the week, that I slept as long as possible.   It wasn’t enough.   I was still dragging when I made it to the tire place.  After 10 minutes of running around, they informed me that the tires I had ordered never arrived and no one bothered to call me.

I have been told by family, friends, coworkers and former employees that I have a “resting bitch face” and sometimes I can make them feel like a bug that I am about to squash.  Yeah, those were their exact words.  😦   I have worked hard on improving my expressions over the years, especially since I work management in customer service.   I feel I’ve done a decent job, but Saturday I was tired and cranky and this was not the first time this tire place had messed up.   I think the bug squashing face came back because I left there with 4 new tires for the price I had been quoted (2nd quote because they lost the 1st one) for the 2 tires I had ordered.

Saturday's work view
Saturday’s work view

I fit in a few errands and lunch with my mom before I had to head out for a work function.    With drive time and the function itself, it filled up my afternoon.  It was good getting to see everyone and put faces to names and voices on the phone.    However put a few hundred people in the foyer of performing arts center and the acoustics make the din just shy of unbearable.   The headache I had for a week came back with a vengeance.   The auditorium itself was much quieter.  🙂   It was a good afternoon.    Plus on the way down I was able to swing by the Running Warehouse and pick up a few supplies-

I showed some restraint
I showed some restraint

I made it back home by 5, changed and ran out the door to get in my 8 miles.  I knew I was tired so I was aiming for a steady pace.  My legs felt horrible; it was hotter than I would have liked and I was just so tired.  I lost track of how many walk breaks I took.  I have no pictures of the run because I was afraid if I stopped, I wouldn’t get started again.   A former coworker drove past me and I thought about flagging her down for a ride home.  I should have just done 6 and called it a day but I am not the smartest and pushed to the full 8.   8 miles with an average pace of 10:22.  Which for a long slow run is ok but I was just beat.  I tested the new handheld on my run too.   So not a fan, I wanted to throw it.   I am going to try again just to make sure that’s it wasn’t just user error.  🙂

I rewarded myself for completing my run by watching the new Veronica Mars movie.  Cue the inner nerd girl squeal!  Sunday I slept in, yay!!!! I thought about taking the puppy for a walk but I ended up helping my mother move rocks.  She is redoing their landscaping.  Let’s call that cross-training.  Lots of squats and bending and lifting.  Plus chasing errant rocks down the driveway before they went into traffic.    The backs of my legs ache in interesting ways today, haha.

They made the music for tonight's run
They made the music for tonight’s run

Today marks the beginning of taper week.  After work I headed to the lake to get in a few miles.  I was torn between 4 and 6.  I figured I would just start running and see how I felt.   My legs were stiff from yesterday plus breaking in the new boots I picked up over the weekend didn’t help.   I also made this my “uncomfortable” pre-race run.   Brand new shirt and shorter than normal shorts.  I like to try to prepare myself for wardrobe malfunctions on race day.    🙂   My shorts were actually from Abercrombie’s new “active” line (haha) and I just figured they would be cute summer shorts but not actually good to run in.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.   They were light weight and airy and they never moved, never rode up.  Wow, I have never had a pair of shorts do that, I may have to try running in them again.

photo 5I started off a little stiff and told myself during mile 2 that I was just doing 4 miles.   Around mile 3.5 I finally started to loosen up, so I kept going.  Mile 4 was a little looser, mile 5 felt pretty good and 6 felt better.    I finished out a full 10K and walked back to the bars that I like to stretch on.   I knew I was looser and quicker towards the end but I didn’t know how much until I looked at my Garmin splits.  Negative split? Sweet!   Or should I call that a good progression run?

3-17-14What makes me laugh about this Garmin data is that I ran the opposite direction on the path tonight.   I usually go clockwise but tonight I decided to go counter-clockwise.  It felt soooo much harder.  I tried telling myself that maybe the elevation was slightly different the other way.  Who am I kidding?  The average elevation gain was 6 feet.  6 FEET!!!!!  Seriously, I must be a big baby.

This should have been up earlier, but the nerd girl in me again was yelling at the tv while watching Teen Wolf.

How was everyone’s Monday?

Who else has “crazy” elevation?

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Running with a Jiggle

Want to know a good way to find what areas you need to tone?  Fall at work, get bruised and then go for a run.    A similar thing happened a few years ago after I was attacked by a dog while out running walking.  I was left with a giant bruise and puncture marks on my backside.  First time I tried to walk/ run, I could no longer deny that my butt jiggled.  Seriously it hurt.  Damaged my ego a bit too.  🙂

Friday was a little crazy at work and I had a late lunch.   I was sitting in the back at the table eating when the phone rang.    Getting up to answer is where the trouble started.   I had one foot propped on the chair across from me and one wrapped under mine.  Somehow I tangled my chair in the chair next to me when getting up, slammed the second chair into the inside of my left leg and face slammed into the door.    I say slammed because my co-workers informed me you can only call it a face plant if you hit the ground.   Good to know.

2-22-14I worked Saturday morning so I didn’t head out for a run until that afternoon.   Saturday’s work has a shiny new building and I was so excited that I got to stand and work the whole shift.  I didn’t sit down once.   I had a little bruise on my leg but it didn’t bother me at all while working.   I headed out for an easy run later that afternoon and was greeted by pain.  So apparently I need to work on toning my legs more.  🙂  So much for running doing that for me!    I had planned on my usual 4.2-4.5 route but I ran into my mom and Zoey along the way.  I walked with them for a bit.   While it helped me slow down and take it easy, it added some distance and then I ran a little more to round it up.   Finished the run at 6 miles.

so mind numbing
so mind numbing

Today was the only day I have for awhile to sleep in, so I totally took advantage of that.   It was so nice.    I also managed to make myself get back on the bike.    Soooo boring.  I forced myself to do 4 miles but wasn’t paying attention, so ended up at 4.5.   Or so I think.  Miles on the bike always seem to go so quickly; boring but quick.    I think my bike needs to be serviced but who has time for that?

puppy jogAfter, I got the puppy and went for a puppy jog.  She did so good today!!!  Only barked at 2 cars and laid down twice.  She may never be a solid runner but she’s great for fartlek training!   Super speedy sprints followed by walking breaks.  🙂  She made it a full 5k today! She played nice with a little girl and was overly excited when a small terrier wanted to play with her.    She only had one odd moment when we passed a particular house.  Now this house is on my usual running route and while interesting looking with an even odder looking trailer in the front yard, I have never been concerned by it.  Today however, Zoey was spooked.  She actually growled at the house and barked a few times.  She was completely fine as soon as it was out of sight.   Great, thanks Zoey, now I am going to be spooked the next time I run by it.

Puppy time!
Puppy time!

I should actually be working on a paper right now but nah.  Following that I should be getting some sleep, I have a crazy week ahead.   So crazy, I am a little unsure of how I will get my runs in.   I’m trying to look on the bright side and just say that the lower mileage week will help my ankle soreness.   My first 1/2 of the year is exactly 4 weeks from today.  Yikes!!! When did that happen?

How was everyone’s weekend?

Anyone run by any spooky places?

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I blame it on the gum, or lack there of…

If I had known how icky today’s run was going to be, I would have whined a hell of lot less about Monday’s 10 minute miles.  Seriously, I need to go back in time and stuff a sock in it.

Work today was crazy, but then again the 1st always is, so I can’t really use that as an excuse.  But I want to!   After 2 days of being a Slacker, I was ready to run, so I decided to throw some hills into my run.   But again, I can’t use that as an excuse.  I was just sloooooow.   I had a new playlist ready to go and my new Yurbuds, (still liking them by the way, but that cord is freaky long).   As I was running, I noticed that my new tunes sounded like the Supernatural soundtrack 🙂 I even ran past a cemetery.  But even AC/DC couldn’t speed me up 😦

Today’s run was just all wonky.  It was just shy of 90 and I didn’t take water.  Stupid move #1.   I was half a mile into my run when I realized I forgot my gum.  Stupid move #2.  I don’t know about anyone else but I have to chew gum when I run.   It helps me feel less thirsty and just makes the run seem easier.  I realize that it’s all in my head, but I wanted that piece of gum!!    I pushed through for 4.5 miles but I was just done.

30 Day Squat Challenge
Done and Done 🙂

So on July 30 I successfully completed a squat challenge.   It started you at 50 on the first day and by the end of the 30 days, you completed 250.  I found it on Pinterest, but I know that it can be found on other sites as well.  While part of me thinks it may have helped my running, I am not sure that I like the other effects.  Of course I wanted to tone my legs, but now I can’t decide if they are toned or scary, hehe.  I am not really happy with how my clothes are fitting right now and the only thing I changed was adding the squats.  Eeergh!!!!

I had previously tried to complete both a push-up challenge and a plank challenge in June but failed both about 12 days in. Again, found them both on Pinterest   I am trying to step up my cross training and strength training because I know that I should but it is so hard for me to follow through.  I have numerous dvd’s as well, but rarely ever use them.  In fact the last time I used one; it was a Spartacus workout and it hurt to walk for days after that 😦  Sad I know.  I tried downloading the Nike Training App to my phone, but it requires more space than I can spare on my phone.  I have no idea what is taking up so much space, seriously what the hell is other?

Pushups Challenge

I think I will try the push up challenge again in August, not sure about the plank.  The idea of building up to 5 minutes is intimidating as hell.  I have tried looking for another interesting one to complete but so far nothing has jumped out me 😦  Anyone else have ideas or challenges to share?

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Squats, strollers, and a mini horse!!!!

So, three days into the week and I have stuck to the plan! 

Monday’s run turned out to be a little less than 3 miles:).  It was over 90, yowza!  So on to cross-training, hehe, of volleyball went really well.  Played harder than usual, getting out of bed this morning was so hard.  I was so sore; not used to that.  I have played almost every Tuesday night for the last 5 years, think I would be used to it by now.   I also decided to complete a one of those squat challenges for July.  Its starts you out at 50 and hopefully at the end of the month, you can complete 250… ummm, what was I thinking?  Oh mama, my legs are sore.  And I still have another 25 to do today.

So tonight I leave work planning to meet a friend for our Wednesday run.  We like to run this trail around the lake in a city park.  The town is halfway between work and home for me, so perfect!  Turns out we were both dragging tonight, so it was great that she brought her daughter in her jogging stroller. Got to test it out and go a little slower.   Yeah, not as easy as it looks, for as much as they look so easy to push, you can totally feel the burn in your calves.   They may have been way slower than normal but it was still 3.5 miles.  Forward motion counts right?  

One thing I like about this trail is that there are so many people.  Quite a lot of them are walking dogs as well.  There is the cutest Chihuahua with sunglasses that I have seen a few times too.  Tonight was a new record, though.  There were huskies, labs, daschunds, border colliesL, schnauzers, etc.  Now most who know me, know that I tend to have interesting animal encounters when out running.  I have had run-ins with possums, snakes, cats and there is a valid reason one of my friends husband calls me “ass-bite”.  Tonight I got to add a new one to the list.  There was a couple walking a mini-horse!!!! It was so stinking cute, way smaller that I had imagined.  I so wanted a picture but the owners seemed a little stand-offish:(.   Anyone else have any interesting animal encounters?

So here’s to feeling inspired enough to do a couple miles tomorrow after work, now onto 25 more squats.