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Week 16?- Blah

I really have to go back over these posts, I think I am a week off somewhere.  I shouldn’t be on week 16 until next Sunday.   Hmmm, maybe I can’t count?

If you read Thursday’s post, you know I got a little emotional last week.   I’m still feeling a out of sorts but I’m going to just keep smiling and fake it til I make it.  Thank you to everyone who commented.  🙂

Monday- Rest

Harvest Marathon meeting.  Where did the time go?  Race day is only a month away?  Well, crap that’s soon.   Unfortunately numbers are down.  I’ve noticed that at a lot of races this year.   I run a lot of the same races and they all seem smaller this year.  Has anyone else noticed that?

Tuesday- 3.8 miles

I really wasn’t feeling a run.  I couldn’t really pinpoint why so I made myself change into my running gear.  I headed to the river path for an easy run.    My mother texted me as I parked and I was hopeful she wanted to meet for dinner and I could ignore the run.  I was half right.  She did want to meet for dinner but was still at a tennis match.  So I went running.    Despite my weird funk it was a pretty solid run.   It started out slow with a nice progression to a faster finish.   I fit in 3.8 miles before I went to meet her. 

 Wednesday- 11.5 miles bike

Today was rough.   I think the bad news about the potential job was the final push and I got a little emotional.   At least I made the right choice that night and turned to exercise instead of food.  My legs felt a little rubbery when I was done with those miles.   😄

Thursday- 4.77 miles

Once again, I just wasn’t feeling my run.  The plan called for speed work but I was having troubles talking myself into even running 2 miles.  I headed back to the river path and just figured I would run whatever my head wanted to.  I kept it easy and tried to just shut my brain up.   I don’t know how well it worked but I feel like it was a solid set of miles.  While our temps have been very un-fall like- we have had some amazing sunsets.  It’s hard to be mad when you see this-

Friday- Rest

More like chaos.  Due to some scheduling issues and a late summer illness, there was only myself and 2 other people at work.    Being down 50% of your crew is painful.  I knew we could do it, but there were some logistical issues that had me concerned.    We did get a some help from other locations for portions of the day and thankfully it was a slightly slower than normal Friday.    We got through the day and I have never been so glad to close the doors.   😖 But hey a customer told me I had an amazing attitude so score!


Saturday- Rest

I planned to ride the bike but I was so damn tired I chose a nap instead.  Wish it could have been longer.   I also worked the registration table for my favorite race of the year.  HOB Fun Run!    This was the first race I’d ever run.  And it turns out it was 5 years ago Saturday and this showed up on my Timehop-
Sunday- 10K and 5K

I love this event but it does stress me out.  It’s a race where I am guaranteed to know a ton of people.  Performance anxiety!!!!  Plus the last two years we’ve had a running team with matching shirts.  You can’t hide when you’re wearing matching clothes.  😉  Race recap will be up Wednesday.


Oddly enough, for a week when running was the last thing I felt like doing, I turned in one of my highest mileage weeks in months.  Which is partially cool and partially sad because I would love to see a higher number.    But it is what it is.  Despite my funk, I feel like they were all solid miles and solid miles help build a stronger runner.   Right? Can’t complain about solid miles.

Paleo–  Oh hell, I don’t even want to grade myself.  Lunch and breakfast were still good but other choices were not.  Let’s just say donuts and pizza happened.  Way more often than they should have.   Oddly enough it was my nice healthy salads that made me feel sick.   I’ve been experimenting with various types of lettuce and some are not winners.    But now I know I can add kale to the list of things I can’t eat.     I’d never eaten it before so luckily it’s not something I’ll miss.

So yes, last week was rough but I am going to try to look on the bright side.   I got all my miles in plus a solid cross training workout.   I had a fun (busy) weekend and got to see a bunch of people.    Oh and I dyed my hair again.  😏   My boss is back this week- woo hoo!- and I am looking forward to a weekend of nothing.   And then taper!  Or am I in taper now?  How did I mess up my damn race plan so much?

How was your weekend?

What’s your favorite race? 

Is taper the week before race week of the week of the race for a half?  My brain has turned off.

Run!, Slacker

If this is February-

I am getting a little nervous for summer.  It was 80 today.  Really?  On one hand I love it but on the other hand- man it was warm.

I had a big work meeting on Thursday and I was a little stressed about it and figured that combined with the driving to and from and back to work, I would not be in the mood to run on Thursday evening.   So I moved my 45 min easy run to Wednesday.   After Tuesday’s tempo, I knew it was going to be a little rough but man it was a slog.   I was just not feeling it.  I hit 42 minutes but it was only 3.5 miles.  I straight up walked 1 mile of it.   Yeah, it was ugly.

Thursday was my dress meltdown and the big meeting.  They were presenting the President’s Award to one of the Heritage winners so part of the meeting was fun.   My coworker took 1st runner up- woo hoo!  My former boss and I cracked jokes that since we hired him, we could be equally excited.  It was also pretty cool that when they called out the Heritage winners to the front, there were 3 from my location.  🙂   3 out of 19- sweet!

Friday was girls night and yes, we saw 50 Shades of Grey.  I was proud of myself for not getting kicked out of the theater.  ML and I always sit next to each other so we can whisper things but she knew I was going to be a total smart ass so she put everyone else between us.  🙂    This was the worst behaved theater I have ever been in, it was ridiculous.   Some people had had way too much to drink before the movie and kept drinking the whole way through.  The woman in the row behind us made a phone call during the previews because her friends had not arrived.  Said friends arrived 5-10 minutes into the movie, laughing and talking about how they couldn’t find their seats in the dark.  Seriously?!  I think I heard 3 wine glasses break and the women in the front couldn’t go to the bathroom without going in multiples while laughing and yelling at each other as they left.   At the end all the men in the theater boo’d and I laughed out loud.  But other than that and the fact that the Mexican place we went to for dinner made me sick- it was an amusing and fun night.

This is my in pain grimace- why do my grimaces look more like smiles?
This is my in pain grimace- why do my grimaces look more like smiles?

I worked on Saturday, so I knew I would be eating a later lunch than usual.  This was also apparent when I set out for my run.  The training plan called a 45-55 minute run and fairly shortly, I knew it was going to be closer to 45.  My stride felt off and everything ached.   I was at the top of a hill, 1/2 mile from home when I wanted to curse out loud.  The outside of my right knee and the area a couple of inches up started screaming.   Are you freakin’ kidding me?!  My right leg never hurts, my left one is the problem child.   It felt like something was about to rip.   I instantly stopped and just started stretching on the side of the road.    A few minutes later I decided to see how it felt, I ran home and concentrated on my form just keeping an easy pace.   I felt a little tight but made it home.  I walked up half of my driveway backwards and spent extra time stretching and rolling with my foam roller and stick.

Yesterday’s pain made me nervous for today’s long run.  The plan called for 10-12 and yeah, 12 wasn’t happening.  I headed to the lake path, thinking that flat and outside would be best.  It was also easy access to my car if I needed it.    I was a little worried I would get bored lapping the lake so many times but I have run 10 miles on both a treadmill and the track before so it had to be better than those. Right?   I headed out around 2:00, thinking that I should take it slower and might need more time.    So for the second time in 2 days, I ran too soon after lunch, for me at least.      According to McMillan, my long run pace should be between 10:34-11:54.    I was aiming for 11:15-11:30, I was afraid it was going to hurt and I did not want to push.    My knee felt ok but my left hamstring is still sore from last week’s strength training fail.    I walked my warm up as usual and then picked up the pace.

When miles 2, 3, and 4 clocked in at 10:04, 10:10, and 10:11, I was a little ticked.   It didn’t feel hard but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sustain it with the way I felt and the temp being around 80.    My mom had joined me today and was walking the path and I ran into her on lap 4.  I took that opportunity to extend my walking break.  Since the park was so busy, I walked the playground section every lap- easier to dodge the little people and their parents.  🙂   Even with that longer break, mile 5 was 10:36.   lakesunday10 6-10, the heat was getting to me and I finally slowed down a bit.   Those miles clocked in between 10:41-10:50.  Except for 8, that was 11:12.  I admit I almost quit after 8 miles just because I was tired and hot and irritated that I just could not control my pace.   I had a conversation with myself and decided that I wasn’t hurting and should just start acclimating to the heat now since it’s only going to get hotter.    So I finished my 10.    10 miles is a little more than 8 laps so the last .5 mile was me running back and forth between 2 of the exercise stations because I didn’t want to do another lap.   🙂  Plus by then my mom was waiting for me.

I am a little concerned by all the achiness that I have been feeling lately.  It’s one of reasons I passed on my long run last weekend.   I am hoping it’s just the treadmill.   Normally I dropped to running 3x a week during winter so only one run would be on the treadmill.    I run differently on the treadmill and I remember being a little achy last year but not like this.     I am kicking that thing to the curb in 20 days.  But for now, I am pretty sure I can get in a 30-35 minute run outside after work.   I can do my easy run that way and just use the treadmill for my speed work of the week until Daylight Savings time.   The work route is all hill so I could still get in hill repeats  too, the workout might just be a little shorter.

How was your weekend? Who raced?

Anyone else go to the movies?

Anyone else run differently on the treadmill?

Run!, Slacker

A Couple of Hot Ones

Man, were they hotter than planned.

The plan for Monday was an easy 4 after work at the lake path.   My mother texted that she was going to meet me and she actually beat me there.   Once I got my act together (you know shoes on) we headed out.    It felt warm- 91ish- but not too bad, so I did not take my water, which for 4 miles is not abnormal.  The lake path is a flat loop, so 4 miles is a little under 3.5 laps.  I figured if I was feeling good, I would run 4.5 miles and then cool down.  The benefit of the loops was that if I regretted my water decision I could just get it from my car on the next loop.   Less than ¼ mile into the first loop, we were derailed.

Time for my Ninja Warrior skills?
Time for my Ninja Warrior skills?

Ok, time for a little off-roading.    Once back on the trail, my mother wanted to know what the 5k course from the Wild Run was like.  So we changed route and went off the trail up the street, turning my planned flat, loops into streets with slight rolling hills.  I gave her the rest of the directions and pulled ahead around the .70 mile mark.    Half a mile later and I was regretting the water decision.  Oh and I forgot to put on my visor.     After a couple of turns, I was on a street with a little bit more shade but had the bulk of the rolling hills.  I think I walked twice.   Once I was back on the lake path, I was doubting I was even going to hit 3 miles.  I was so hot.  I ran around the path until the broken bridge and stopped for a moment to take a pic.   I could see my mother on the back side of the lake path and figured it would be easier to run back the way I came rather than trying to catch her.  Plus  I didn’t think I had another lap in me.  But for some reason, I still didn’t grab my water.  I told myself I would run to 3.5 miles or when I met with her, whichever came first.   Yeah, when I finally met up with her I was at 3.8 so of course I had to finish out 4, turn around and then walk back to the car.  My water had never tasted so amazing.     Also after the first warm up mile, my pace was too fast for the warmth and lack of water.  Stupid slacker. photo 3

photo 2 (4)
Rockin’ the Race SLO hat

Tuesday, I was aiming for 5 at the river path.   Once again the temp did not drop. It was 96 when I started out.  My mother met me again and brought a frozen bottle of water.  I also asked her to bring me a hat; see, I was thinking this time.   We set off for the warm up, and I walked a little more than planned but that was ok.  Even once running, I kept it nice and easy.     When I passed her on the way down, she hollered at me to drink water.  I know!  Running down I passed 2 skateboarders carrying their helmets.  Umm, that’s not how it works boys.  I do have to give one props for having a camelbak, at least he was thinking smart about something.  It was hot and muggy and I had woken with a migraine in the morning so my planned 5 turned into 4 but I was perfectly fine with that.  I was also feeling good about the average pace of 10:15 for the 3 solid miles that I ran.  In that temp? I’ll take it!

Tonight was gym night with NikeC!  I felt a little more competent with the weight machines.  I am also trying to incorporate some the barre moves into the circuit.  I hate those stupid step up things but noticed that the handle is at the perfect height for some of the barre exercises.    This time I showed my gym ineptness on the ARC Trainer.  I almost face planted into the control panel at one point.   That would have been an interesting bruise to explain.   That machine is harder than it looks but then I have also fallen off a treadmill.  There were no grunters tonight but it was busier than usual.   I feel awkward doing squats in public, and this hip abduction machines.  Luckily they face the wall.  🙂

Hit any unexpected roadblocks recently?  Literal or figuratively? 

Anyone else have issues with the machines at the gym? 

Eat!, Run!, Slacker

Baby Steps (out of my comfort zone)

Happy Friday!!  Wow, this was a long week.  But let’s catch up.  I stepped out of my comfort zone in very little ways this week, but that still counts right?

First up, Wednesday, I hit the gym after work with NikeC with the intention of doing the circuit room.  I have only done it one other time and that was about 2 years ago.   Machines and I don’t get a long so well.  I did a short 2.5 miles on the treadmill to warm up.   I actually kind of liked the treadmill, either that or I was nervous about the circuit room.   I had hydrated a little too well before hitting the gym that night so before moving to the circuit room I had to use the restroom.  Why is this special?  I had never used the restroom or been in the locker rooms before.  I’ve belonged to the gym for 5 years.  I did mention I was a germophobe right?

From the website source
From the website

After surviving that, we moved onto the circuit room.   Where some people were using it wrong.  Ok, I admit I don’t use it but come on, I can count from 1 to 20.   Once that was straightened out, we got to working out.   #bloggerfail- I don’t remember the names of machines nor did I take pictures.  She went first and demonstrated.  Other than the first machine, I think I did ok.  You sat in the first machine in kind of V shape and the pushed yourself back.  (see- blogger fail)  Also a fail because I couldn’t move it at all- I look over and NikeC had it at 90 lbs, yeah umm no.  She’s a bad ass and I am not.  Backed it down to 40 and I was good.   I also felt really challenged on the stupid steps in between each machine.  Who forgets how to jump?!    I was born in the 80’s, when did I lose my Jazzercise skills!  After the circuit we moved on to the leg room.   Those hip abduction things could be a good thing for running but felt really awkward.   I could do pretty much nothing in the ab room, apparently my butt’s too big for my back to lie flat.  🙂  So that will be a challenge for another night, haha.  Overall, we were there an hour and a half.  Now if I can just make it  a weekly thing.

Since I work Saturday again this week, I had another short day on Thursday.  It was opposite this time, so I worked in the morning and left early.  Knowing this on Wednesday I decided to try to do my long run on Thursday.  Only problem was I didn’t know where.   I thought about running on the beach but was warned away by a text about a bunch of leash less crazy dogs.  (It’s a leash free beach) I am crazy dog bait, so I passed on that.  I headed to nearby park in work town that says it has 2.3 miles of paved trails.   Yeah, I could only find about half a mile.    Any other day I would have just run around and figured it out but I had 12 miles to hit so I wanted a general idea of where I was going.  I headed to the lake to get in some laps, planning for 6 miles before heading back to home town to finish off the second 6.

End of the playground
End of the playground

It was warmer than work town but still mid 80’s so I felt good.   I’ve decided to always walk the playground section of the path.  It gives me a little breather and as an added bonus, I don’t run over any wandering children.  🙂   I have to admit I look forward to that little break, it’s about .10 of a mile, but feels great.    After 3 miles I needed water but I had also over hydrated that day as well.  Was I really going to have to use another restroom?  This one in a public park? Yes…it was only slightly sketchy.  No mirrors and lots of padlocks, classy.7fast

After surviving that I pushed on. It was warm but I felt good, so continued on to 7 miles.  Woo hoo! I stopped to stretch before heading back to my car.  This is where I became an obnoxious runner.  A woman and her daughter were driving by and they stopped near my car.  She asked how far I had walked. I said “run” probably not in the best tone.  I’m sorry!!  Blame it on the heat or the tiredness or something.  And since I do walk the playground now, she could have only seen me walking.  There is nothing wrong with walking.  In fact, I think I am more consistent with scheduled walking breaks.  See example above.   🙂

After driving back home, drinking some Nuun and snacking on some Honey Stinger bites, I headed out to the newer path with my mom.  Again she was going to walk and I was going to run.   Since I had already done 7, all I needed was 5 so I planned on running the same route as Monday.    Same as Monday, I walked most of the first mile with my mom, so I was perfectly fine seeing a 13 minute first mile.  I figured I would pick up the pace, ha!  Never happened.  Maybe it was penance for my earlier snarkiness.    I didn’t schedule any walk breaks but maybe I should have.  Miles 2 and 3 clocked in at 11:00, hey at least I was consistent.  Finally got back down to 10 flat for mile 4 but I also knew 5 wasn’t happening.  I cut out the one cul de sac loop and just headed back to the car.  4.5 miles later and I was done.  Yuck.  I don’t know if it was because the temp had jumped again or if I was just tired.  Either way I was still feeling pretty good for hitting 11.5 miles.   Even if that last missed .5 bugs me a little.   🙂  Apparently my Diet Coke is still spiked.  🙂4.5slow

Today I have yet to hit my measly 10 minutes of exercise but I still have a few hours.  I really should because I ate way too much today.    I was freakin’ starving!   I was a little concerned I would be sore at work today but I was actually pretty good, tall boots and all.   And bonus, I’m heading into the weekend having already completed my long run!   Now I just have work to get through tomorrow and an anniversary party for a friend tomorrow night.  And sleep, I need sleep.   And to maybe read a book.

How was your week?

Anyone racing this weekend?

Am I the only one who has had an #obnoxiousrunner moment?



oops!, Run!

Slightly Unfocused

Ever have one of those runs that makes you feel crazy?  Today’s run went something like this–

Yay, the sun is shining- oh more geese, but they don’t look cranky today, that’s good- wow, this feels hard, maybe I’m running too fast- check watch- oh a 10 minute mile, not so tempo-ok, let’s make this an easy run- well that’s assuming I can finish this second lap- man this kicking my butt, 3 is good right- left, right, left- take deep breathes- just keep going- ok, 3 miles done, I can do 1 more right?- this is not easy- man, it’s hot-get over it, it’s like 60, big baby- man why is this so hard- yeah Saturday was 11 miles not 8 but 3 were slow walking- did I foam roll? I can’t remember- I took Sunday off, I should be fine- it is Monday and work was busy but aren’t all Mondays?- Maybe I too much popcorn last night- did I eat enough today- I did start earlier, but I took a full lunch, so those cancel out right?-hey look, sprinklers! Can I run though them?- Water sounds really good right now, why didn’t I bring any?- Yay 4 miles! But I’m on the other side of the lake- If I keep running, I will get to my car quicker-  just keep running, just keep breathing- man, I feel hot- even the nasty lake water looks inviting- on second thought, not so much- oh thank god, the parking lot- pause watch- oh wait, 4.70 miles- I can run a bit further right?- I can finish 5- oh this sucks-what was I thinking- I should have quit at 3-just keep breathing- yay the watch vibrated!- 5 and done- where’s water- I should stretch-ooh, my splits kind of look like a pyramid.

photoSo, I was just a tad unfocused during tonight’s run.    Throughout the day I was undecided about what I would run.  I was torn between 4 miles of downhill-uphill in work town or a 5 mile tempo at the lake path.   I had my Wave Rider’s, so I was hoping for a repeat of last week’s great speed work out and I headed to the lake.  While work had been long (I started early) and crazy busy; we managed to get out on time.  The sun was shining and the weather looked great, so I started my drive.  I was still excited when I got to the lake, but it didn’t take long to lose that energy.   After the first mile, I mentally changed from the planned tempo to an easy run but it was rough the whole way through.  I should have quit at 3; I really should have.   I also should have taken water.  What good is my shiny new handheld if I don’t use it?  As I was stretching, I figured out that it was actually in the mid 80’s.  At 7:00 pm… oops.  That’s not even a newbie mistake, just me being stupid.5mile

Overall, the pace didn’t suck.  I drove home remembering all the times I ran 12:00 minute miles just wishing I could break 10.  This may have been a less than stellar run but overall it’s still an improvement.   🙂   I managed a long slow run of 8 miles on Saturday.   8 miles at 10:18- that used to be my 5k race pace, so that’s a plus.     After those 8 miles, I headed out for another 3 with my mom and the puppy.  So Saturday was an 11 mile day, yowza.  Nothing to complain about there.

Could have used this earlier...

I took Sunday off but it wasn’t exactly restful.   I headed down to SLO to browse hardwood options with my mother.  Hit Dick‘s and finally chose a new gym bag.   Had a yummy lunch before heading back to town to go to a friends BBQ.  I got to hang out with Baby G for a bit 🙂  She has gotten so big; she walks and dances now!    I went home to do some laundry, then I joined my mom at the school.  They’re doing construction so she needed help moving all of her tennis stuff. (Can we count that as strength training? Ha!)   That was followed by a quick dinner before going to the theater to see Captain America.  Which was awesome, but I may have indulged in a little too much popcorn.  It was worth it.  🙂

Could have used this earlier
Could have used this earlier

Please tell me I am not the only who conversations in their head while running?

Seen any good movies lately?