Run!, Slacker

Tempo Fail?

I think Jillian Michaels broke me.   Ok, it was me but, ouch.

I did not run my long run on Sunday.  Oddly enough, once I committed to that choice and stopped vacillating back and forth, I felt like it was the smart choice.  That said I didn’t want to be a total Slacker and since I had been meaning to get back to cross training, I figured I would do a kettlebell workout.   I think I must black out the memories of these workouts.   I seem to do one about every six months and the kettlebell collects dust the rest of the time.   I like the fact that it’s a short workout but you feel like you did something.     Oh son of monkey, I feel it.  Like I need to use the handicap bars in the restrooms just so I don’t fall on my face.    Seriously, how can I be this sore?!  IMG_9147I found out yesterday that I was likely going to get off early today (I work Saturday) so I was stoked.  I figured I would hit the lake path for the first time in months and get an afternoon run in.   I admit to momentary delusions of grandeur where I considered moving this weekend’s long run (10-12) miles to today and pushing today’s workout to the weekend.   I have a busy weekend ahead, so I thought this could be doable.    The effort it took to get out of bed this morning put a kabosh on that.     My glutes and my hamstrings were screaming at me.   Wow, I am out of shape.IMG_9175I ended up staying at work longer than planned but still headed to the lake.  I like that my training plan sometimes gives me options on Tuesdays-  speed vs power (hills).  I didn’t feel up to hills plus the lake is pancake flat.  I will probably do most of my speed work there once the time changes.  It’s as close to a track as I can get during the week.   You just have to dodge the dogs and bikes, kids and cars.  🙂  But I still love it.  IMG_9186The first mile was rough.  Like my legs were so heavy- I was shuffling my feet trying to warm up.   So what do I do?  Take it easy?  Nah- I aim for a tempo.  I never said I was smart.   1 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo, 1 mile cool down.    So yeah, that didn’t go according to plan.   But then it depends on how you look at it.  My tempo miles were too fast if I base my paces off of my Surf City finish time but too slow if I base them off of my goal half marathon time.  So, yay for middle of the road?   Miles 4-6 weren’t that bad actually.  Cool down was awesome!  🙂IMG_9187Once I completed the 6 miles, I used one of the workout stations around the lake to stretch out.   For some reason I still wanted to move but knew I was too sore to run more.  Instead of taking the short way back to my car I headed off to finish another lap around the lake.  So with an added walking mile I pulled off 7 for the day.    Not too bad for being sore, hopefully I can move tomorrow.   🙂IMG_9170I loved being back at the lake, come on daylight savings!!!   There was actually water in it too!  Hardly anything at all but more than the last time I was there in the fall.  We need more rain like we had this weekend.

Happy (almost) Hump day!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who gets their butt kicked by a dvd?  Pretty please?

Any YouTube workout recommendations?

Run!, Slacker

Letting My Feet Do the Talking

It’s almost Friday!

I was kind of disappointed with my showing at the race on Saturday.  I was so irritated that I contemplated taking a week off from running.   I always treat the day after a half as a rest day, so I used that as a testing ground.  I spent the day shopping and even with my lower back being sore from the race, I felt kind of lazy having a rest day on a Sunday.  This was the first time I’ve run a half marathon on a Saturday.   I kind of splurged and treated myself to a new laptop on Sunday- my old one is a 6 year old beast that has had issues from day one.  And it weighs like 25 pounds.   I had Monday off from work and thought about running but trying to get things moved over gave me a great excuse to not run.  And even now, I am still having troubles moving iTunes.  Ugh.10524595_780886761933167_2318417895026259963_n

I packed my gear for Tuesday after work but I was still feeling very anti-run.  The horror!  But I was a good little runner and changed after work before heading to meet my mom at the path we have been running.  I think I will call it the river path from now on just for ease of typing.     We started like usual with a walk and I was still fussy.  I still had my slow pace alert on my Garmin from the race and it kept buzzing.  I tried to turn it off but all I succeeded in doing was pushing the lap button multiple times so my splits look a little funny.  I gave up worrying about it because I figured I was going to be a little sluggish.   I walked with my mom until the concrete ends and then run ahead.   My first mile came in under 13.  Hmmm, that’s odd.  Usually walking the first .6-.75 of it makes it pretty slow.   I decided to let my feet do whatever they wanted to do and not over think it and just kept running.   I hit the turn around and once again, there was a headwind going down, where does that come from?!  If it hadn’t been for a horrible stomach cramp at mile 2.6ish that stopped me dead in my tracks for a moment, this probably would have been a nice little progression run.  🙂  Instead I will call it a nice little, unexpected tempo.   12:42-9:41-9:55-8:50-4:12 (1/2 mile)- then another 1/2 mile cool down walk. photo 1

Wednesday I tried out my new Barre dvd.  The instructors are a little interesting.  At first, I was thinking that there is no way this will count as a work out.  10 minutes later, my legs were shaking.   It felt like I was getting a good workout during but I recovered really quickly after, so I am not sure how well it worked.  I will have to try it a few more times before I really decide.   photo 3

Tonight my running plans fell through.   I had planned on catching up with an old friend from out of town, but we weren’t able to make it work.   😦  I was torn about where to run.  Work town looked amazing outside and it had been awhile, so I decided to run there.     The route that I run there is around 4 miles, part of it in a state park on a narrow road with no shoulder.  I had been told there was a little dirt path near the road but I was never able to see it.  I decided to look for it on the way back this time.  I made it through the sketchy part on the way down and stopped for some pics. 

I found the path!!
I found the path!!


Once by the water I was able to find the path and I was followed it back out of the park.   I had to walk part of it because I almost fell on my ass twice.  There was a section of super loose dirt, covered in fallen Eucalyptus leaves- it was like a giant slip and slide.   🙂   The route is downhill for the first 2 miles and uphill back.  I always go out too fast and slow down on the way back.  But once again, I decided to let my feet do whatever they wanted to do.  It was a great run actually, other than it was hot!!!  Work town is not supposed to be in the high 70’s at 6:00PM! photo 2

Both runs this week went better than I had anticipated.  I needed that to get over my crankiness.  My left shin is a little sore, so I will probably only run once more this week and take it easy before getting back into training for the Ventura half.  That’s ok it gives me more time to figure out this computer thing.  And hopefully not want to punch it thanks to iTunes.  I’m only missing around 3000 songs, no big deal right? Ugh.

In other news, the fair is here!  I live fairly close so I last night I was able to hear the Zac Brown Band cover Metallica.  Ummm, what?  Tonight, it’s Kid Rock.   I am looking forward to spending Saturday bumming around the fair and eating some yummy fair food.  It only comes once a year right? Plus I walk there, so there’s a little calorie burn.  🙂

Anyone taken time off after a disappointing race?

Who’s racing this weekend?

What’s your favorite fair food?




oops!, Run!

Slightly Unfocused

Ever have one of those runs that makes you feel crazy?  Today’s run went something like this–

Yay, the sun is shining- oh more geese, but they don’t look cranky today, that’s good- wow, this feels hard, maybe I’m running too fast- check watch- oh a 10 minute mile, not so tempo-ok, let’s make this an easy run- well that’s assuming I can finish this second lap- man this kicking my butt, 3 is good right- left, right, left- take deep breathes- just keep going- ok, 3 miles done, I can do 1 more right?- this is not easy- man, it’s hot-get over it, it’s like 60, big baby- man why is this so hard- yeah Saturday was 11 miles not 8 but 3 were slow walking- did I foam roll? I can’t remember- I took Sunday off, I should be fine- it is Monday and work was busy but aren’t all Mondays?- Maybe I too much popcorn last night- did I eat enough today- I did start earlier, but I took a full lunch, so those cancel out right?-hey look, sprinklers! Can I run though them?- Water sounds really good right now, why didn’t I bring any?- Yay 4 miles! But I’m on the other side of the lake- If I keep running, I will get to my car quicker-  just keep running, just keep breathing- man, I feel hot- even the nasty lake water looks inviting- on second thought, not so much- oh thank god, the parking lot- pause watch- oh wait, 4.70 miles- I can run a bit further right?- I can finish 5- oh this sucks-what was I thinking- I should have quit at 3-just keep breathing- yay the watch vibrated!- 5 and done- where’s water- I should stretch-ooh, my splits kind of look like a pyramid.

photoSo, I was just a tad unfocused during tonight’s run.    Throughout the day I was undecided about what I would run.  I was torn between 4 miles of downhill-uphill in work town or a 5 mile tempo at the lake path.   I had my Wave Rider’s, so I was hoping for a repeat of last week’s great speed work out and I headed to the lake.  While work had been long (I started early) and crazy busy; we managed to get out on time.  The sun was shining and the weather looked great, so I started my drive.  I was still excited when I got to the lake, but it didn’t take long to lose that energy.   After the first mile, I mentally changed from the planned tempo to an easy run but it was rough the whole way through.  I should have quit at 3; I really should have.   I also should have taken water.  What good is my shiny new handheld if I don’t use it?  As I was stretching, I figured out that it was actually in the mid 80’s.  At 7:00 pm… oops.  That’s not even a newbie mistake, just me being stupid.5mile

Overall, the pace didn’t suck.  I drove home remembering all the times I ran 12:00 minute miles just wishing I could break 10.  This may have been a less than stellar run but overall it’s still an improvement.   🙂   I managed a long slow run of 8 miles on Saturday.   8 miles at 10:18- that used to be my 5k race pace, so that’s a plus.     After those 8 miles, I headed out for another 3 with my mom and the puppy.  So Saturday was an 11 mile day, yowza.  Nothing to complain about there.

Could have used this earlier...

I took Sunday off but it wasn’t exactly restful.   I headed down to SLO to browse hardwood options with my mother.  Hit Dick‘s and finally chose a new gym bag.   Had a yummy lunch before heading back to town to go to a friends BBQ.  I got to hang out with Baby G for a bit 🙂  She has gotten so big; she walks and dances now!    I went home to do some laundry, then I joined my mom at the school.  They’re doing construction so she needed help moving all of her tennis stuff. (Can we count that as strength training? Ha!)   That was followed by a quick dinner before going to the theater to see Captain America.  Which was awesome, but I may have indulged in a little too much popcorn.  It was worth it.  🙂

Could have used this earlier
Could have used this earlier

Please tell me I am not the only who conversations in their head while running?

Seen any good movies lately?




Run!, Slacker

Tiny Tempo Time

Happy Hump Day!!!!

After Saturday’s race, I was feeling a little sore and my left ankle was not the happiest camper.  In an earlier post I had mentioned that I was was rethinking my training plan.  While I liked the way the app worked and laid out the plan, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.  It went from my Slacker to crazy a little too quickly.  Plus I kind of felt like running had become work.  That I had to meet certain goals at certain times.    So while I was still following it I was thinking of other ideas.   Going back to the original plan but with a little twist, so bring on the Slacker Reboot!  But that’s for a later post  🙂

Yeah, that's how we do rain, haha
Yeah, that’s how we do rain, haha

With that in mind as well as the ankle uncomfortable-ness, I took it easy on Sunday as opposed to getting in a long run.    While everyone else may have been excited about the Super Bowl, my excitement was brought on by waking up to rain!!!!  Nowhere near what we needed but it was still great.   I waited for it to warm up a bit so I headed out for an afternoon run.  I ran right through kickoff!!  Yeah, the Super Bowl’s not really my thing.   This time I was prepared in full pants, my warmest long sleeve short and a big ear warmer.   It was so much better than Saturday, but it was also 15º warmer.    My goal was to take it easy and just enjoy the lightly misting rain.   As I topped the last hill and was just shy of mile 4, the sky opened up.    Overall I hit 4.31 miles. My splits weren’t the best or share worthy but I love the pace of that last little bit 🙂

Can you tell when it started to pour?
Can you tell when it started to pour?

Monday’s post was all about the awesome SLO Marathon and how excited I am but I did get in a run that day. It was day 1 of new plan after all.   It was a very sluggish 3.5 miles on the treadmill.   At least that’s how I felt.  My average pace was 10:06 and as a rarity, I ran a negative split.  Sweet!  Now if only I could do it intentionally.   I was actually supposed to do 4 miles but just wasn’t feeling it.   I decided not to push it.  I did a short cool down walk before leaving.  I always turn my Garmin or Nike+ off before my cool down.  I can’t decide if its overly prideful because I don’t want to lower my pace or if it’s silly and I am shorting myself mileage.  What do you think?

Tuesday was a planned rest day and it was so nice  🙂  Today I hit the gym again after work and got in a nice tiny Tempo run.  I ran 6 miles with a warmup mile and a cool down mile, with the 4 miles in between at a 9:00 pace.  At least that was the plan.  Warm up and cool down went according to plan, but the 4 inner miles were 9:30 pace.  Oops.  My ankle was a little stiff but it eased up as I ran.  I was also a little tired since I randomly decided to quit soda today.  I am still trying to force myself to like coffee.  I am not sure how long this is going to last as I have tried numerous times before but we’ll see how it goes!  I told myself I could have soda on the weekends.  That would be allowed… So when is it Saturday?

I admit that I am so over the treadmill.  Part of me actually wonders if it is contributing to my sore ankle.  This lovely article from Runner’s World tells me I no longer have to put the incline at 2, so sweet!!! Today’s run was at .5.    I rewarded myself after my run with this yummy smoothie-


It is really sad how tired I am right now.  I didn’t drink that much soda anymore anyways.   The Doc took away my diet soda, so I cut down to a small coke a day.   My head is actually not pounding right now so at least that’s something!

How is everyone’s week?

Anyone else stop their GPS early?

Want to come run SLO? I have a discount code!!!!

Goals, Run!

Shopping and running, a few of my favorite things

I had planned to get my long run in on Saturday morning before heading out to do a little shopping for the day.   My alarm went of at 6:35, my head hurt and it was still dark.  My phone said that sunrise was at 7:07 so I rolled over hoping the headache would go away.  A second alarm went off at 7:08 and my head was just pounding.   Bloody hormones and that’s all I’m going say about that; so I chose to sleep more.

It was prettier in person
It was prettier in person

I made myself face the day a little before 9.  I got ready and headed out for some retail therapy.   The plan was for window shopping, I didn’t really need anything.   It’s just fun to hit SLO and enjoy the weather and the shopping and the food.     The weather was great and the food was yummy as usual.  Shopping was actually very budget friendly.  🙂  I couldn’t even find anything to buy at Dick’s, it was sad!!!  I did buy Kimi a new blanket, and what does she do?  She sleeps in the bag instead!

Not cool!
Not cool!

Shopping ran later than planned, so I didn’t get out the door running until 4:30 so the long run was not an option.  Want to know a good way to run a Tempo run?  Try to beat the setting sun.  Great motivation.   My legs felt a little tired but it was a good run. Thanks to my persistent cough, I still had to take a few walk breaks.    However, it actually turned into a progression run instead of a tempo.   For once each mile was faster than the one before it.  Sweet!  I made it back to my driveway just as the sun was dropping behind the hill.  It may not have been what was planned but a solid 4 miles to end the day.

photo 5

This morning I was planning on running yesterday’s 10 miler.  I had mapped out a route last night- from my driveway with lots of loops, finishing by running crosstown to the high school.  I was aiming to only have to do 1.5-2 miles on the track.   After that the plan was to meet up with my mom who was working on the tennis courts and she would give me a ride back.   Since I have been rather tired this week, still kicking that stupid sickness from last week, I figured I would aim for an 11:00 minute pace.  Get the distance in but take it easy.

I had a slightly later start than planned and then when I was trying to get out the door, I found out that my mom was heading to the courts sooner than planned.  Wait, she’s my ride home!!!  The first three miles of my run I was recalculating in my head.  Do I keep my route the same and just hope it takes her that long or do I throw in more loops and head back home.  That was when I noticed my time, mile 3 had me under 31 minutes.   Well, that was faster than I was aiming for.  So plan B, could I maintain that pace for all 10 miles?  I am faster in races but never before held that in a long training run.   It would only save me 10 minutes but that just might be enough.

photo 1 (3)

Why do I live is such a hilly neighborhood?  Why did I plan my route by running one of the hills 3 times?  Granted it wasn’t the worst but still, I must be crazy.  I slowed down in mile 6 because while trying to get my long sleeved top layer off, I skillfully tangled myself in it.   🙂  Just call me Graceful.   After finishing all 3 loops, it was down to the bridge and across town.  I hate running across the bridge, it’s a little too on display for me.   Luckily its not huge.  After the bridge, there’s a few shopping centers and traffic lights before the last small hill and then the high school.   With the traffic lights, I was able to test out the auto pause feature on the Garmin.   Pretty cool but I felt like it was a little slow on the restart.   I made it to the track at 8.5 miles and finished out the 1.5.   And I was done, whew!  And thankfully, my mother had waited for me.

I have no idea what happened in mile 4, barely even remember it
I have no idea what happened in mile 4, barely even remember it

After lunch and grocery shopping, I joined my mother in walking the puppy.  It was supposed to be short, like a mile,  so I was rocking my new Wave Rider’s and skinny jeans.    Bad idea.  It turned into 2.5 miles and the puppy decided that she wanted to move fast today; she was dragging us.   Seriously, where was this dog last week?  I do not recommend jogging in skinny jeans without a proper sports bra, just don’t do it.  The shoes felt great though.  🙂   The evening was finished off by the whole family going to The Olive Garden for dinner, yummy.

better than last week!
better than last week!

Training wise, I didn’t do too bad this week.   29 miles out of a scheduled 34.  5 days running.  I still can’t do 6.   And some of the planned runs I am unable to fit in my schedule, so I am adapting it a bit.   Next week only has 5 scheduled days with my long run on Saturday,  That will have to be a 2-a-day, as my first race of 2014 is that morning!!  It’s a 5K that I am looking forward to.

Plus I hope to have some exciting news to share soon!!!  I am waiting on one last email to confirm, I always like to be doubly sure before sharing something important.  I am so excited!!!

How was everyone’s weekend?

What’s the most awkward clothing you’ve ever run in?