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Training Week 8 Recap

Upcoming race– SLO 13.1- May 1

Focus– Just keep running, just keep running.

This week was an improvement over last week.  Since ignoring my little lung issue for pretty much all of January, I am trying to pay more attention to how I am feeling and actually listen this time.    I am also refocusing on eating a low carb diet but more on that later.

Monday-  Rest  I had the day off and I usually like to run on those days but instead I rested.  I had my doctor’s appointment followed by a chest x-ray.   Yay for the labs being open on a holiday.

Tuesday- 3.4 miles  The fallen tree run.  🙂  Another day avoiding the treadmill and running from work.

Wednesday- Rest  It was also my cheat day for pizza.   Sadly, it wasn’t as good as it usually is.  Boo. 

Thursday- 3.1 miles  I had a meeting at the end of the day but on the upside it was in home town!   I was able to make it home before 5, sweet!  I planned on changing quickly and heading out for a run.   However the dog had other plans.   She went nuts over someone in the neighbors yard.  It took me 15 minutes to corral her.    Once running, I realized I had overestimated how much time I had until the sun set.  Oops.   And because I had been frazzled by the dog I had left my flashlight behind.   Double oops.   Even though the run was shorter than I had hoped it was a pretty good one.   Again, I tried to keep my pace slow and easy.  It’s kind of sad that mile 3 was around 10:00 min. pace and it felt like it was at tempo pace.

Friday- Rest   Work was stressful and I was so glad to see the end of the day.


 Saturday- 10.93 miles With Heather!    Heather, Ashley and I have been trying to meet up and we made it work on Saturday.  Ashley couldn’t join us for the run but we met up with her later.  I met up with Heather early on Saturday morning to run one of her routes.   I apologized from the start that I was going to be slow and wasn’t sure how far my lungs were going to let me get.  I was hoping for 10.  We set out at a comfortable pace and just kept trucking.  I don’t usually run with people so I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to talk and run at the same time.   I don’t think I did too bad!    The route was nice, we ran along parts of hwy 1 and streets in Pismo.   Running past the cinnamon roll store was brutal- it smelled so good!!  My lungs held up well on the way out but got fussy on the way back.   I had to take more than a few walk breaks, boo.   My legs and my body felt fine but every now and then I just had to slow down, it became too difficult to get in air. I kept apologizing for slowing down.  But we finished!   Back to the cars at 10.93 miles.  I laughed over the mileage.   

From there we cleaned up a bit before heading over to meet Ashley for brunch.    We met at Custom House and I had heard really good things about their churro style french toast.  So even though it broke all the diet rules, I had to try it right?   Sadly, I wasn’t blown away.  The bacon was amazing though.    Know what else was amazing?  Lunch with friends!   We caught up on what’s been going on and planned some fun race trips for the future.


📸: Heather

Sunday- Rest  Ummm, I took a 2 hour nap.  Can’t decide if it was an oops or awesome.

So other than I seemed to forget all about the bike this week, it was a pretty solid week.     I was able to get in some decent miles that didn’t leave me hating either myself or running after.    Looking to this week,  the plan is to keep running easy and just take each run as it comes.  I also need to get back on the bike and get in some miles there as well.

Food–  I stopped talking about my diet for a while because let’s be honest- I wasn’t low carb or paleo at all.   However in the hope of keeping myself accountable, I am going to start sharing a little recap on these posts.    I am working on transitioning back to a lower carb lifestyle.    With pizza thrown in once a week of course.  This week was pretty good- I would say I was around 55/45%.  Which doesn’t sound great but it’s epically better than I was previously.   I also had a donut last week.  When one of the company presidents makes a special trip to bring your location donuts- you eat them!

How was your week?




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Week 5/ January Recap

Upcoming races- Surf City 13.1

Focus–  I forgot to choose one this week. Oops.

How is it February?  Seriously, how did that happen?  Wasn’t is just Christmas?  Or I don’t know summer?  Anyways moving on.   One plus about El Nino is that things have been warmer than usual but that changed this week.   Brrrr.

Monday- Rest  Mondays really work as rest days for me.  Why do I keep trying to change that?   I will say that I felt guilty for not getting in some miles on the bike though.


Tuesday- 4 miles  Some very, very slow miles.  I had an episode of Z Nation to get me through it.  Though I do wonder if anyone can see my phone, between Z Nation and Blacklist, I feel kind of weird watching my phone at the gym.

Wednesday- 6 miles Stationary   I woke feeling more sore from 4 treadmill miles than I had from my long run on Saturday.   Grrr.   Daylight savings, are you here yet?    I ended up testing out the new Little Caesar’s on the way home so it almost ended up another rest day.  But instead it was just a very late start and fewer miles.

Thursday- 10 miles  I had to work this weekend so I was able to take a half day and I actually made it out of work by 1.    With a storm predicted for the weekend I had planned on trying to get my long run in early.  After last week’s successful though slow 12 milers, I was looking forward to it.    I almost quit in the first 2 miles.  Everything felt off, I was still sore, I felt uncomfortable in shorts, my throat had an alligator instead of a frog in it.  Every time I started to run I felt like I was going to hyperventilate.  What the hell?!  Was I embarrassed to be seen in shorts or something?

I got to the top of the hill and just stopped.   I stretched, had a conversation with myself and scrolled Instagram.   Anything to get my mind off of my panic issue.  I didn’t feel like anything was actually really wrong and I didn’t want to miss the chance to complete my long run so I reassessed.  Pace meant nothing so I turned on the run/ walk interval on my watch and set off again.  Slowly.   At mile 5 I assessed again, felt ok so I continued on.  Between walking and running my pace was holding around 11:30.  Since I was moving slower than planned I ended up having to run through the traffic when the high school let out.  Cuz I wasn’t feeling fluffy enough?!

When the run was finally done, I joked on Instagram that it was my slowest 10 miler ever.  Except it turns out it wasn’t a joke- it really was my slowest 10 miles ever.  It took me 2 hours to run 10 miles plus another 20 minutes of stopping for head games and a chafing concern.   But you know what?  I ran 10 miles.  Trying to think on the shiny side here. ☺

Friday- Rest Woo hoo!!!

Saturday- 11 miles Stationary   It was cold and the storm was looming when I got home after work.  I had planned on getting in a run after I finished my errands but just couldn’t bring myself to go back out.   Cross training and the comfy chair won.

Sunday- 4 miles  The storm was predicted to clear by the afternoon so I was going to run then.  While the rain did clear, it was freakin’ cold!  I still feel oddly achy and sore, so I kept it slow and easy for 4 miles.

And that wraps up my last full week before Surf City.  Since I am treating it like a very large, friendly long run I normally wouldn’t taper.  But the treadmill and I need to break up and this soreness needs to go away so this may be a heavy cross training week.  We’ll see.   And that brings us to the end of January-


Double what December was and that was with 6 days off due to the flu.  I am calling this a good base building month.  I will probably continue to build into February.   I’m currently trying to mash 2 training plans together.  Excel is giving me a headache trying to merge the 2 books.  Ugh.   I get the feeling I may just have to start over.

How was your January?

Anyone have any Excel tips?



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Castle to the Coast Recap

First race of the year is in the books!

Castle to Coast is an 8.2 mile road race that starts at WR Hearst State Beach and runs along the highway to Moonstone Beach. It’s a no frills race with scenic views.  It starts across from Hearst Castle.   Granted the Castle is way up on the hill but on a clear day you can see it.  I have wanted to run it for the past few years but they cap it around 300 runners each time and it always sold out before I registered.   This year, well last November, I literally registered at 2 minutes past midnight the day registration opened.   I was looking forward to finally running it but then slacker December happened followed by sick January.    Oh and let’s not forget the sudden blister issue.

As I laid out my clothes on Friday night I was feeling very “meh” about it all.  Between my blister issues and the fact that I have put on a few pounds, I knew my usual race outfit of knee high Pro Compression socks and a skirt was off the table.  With temps predicted in the high 50’s I figured a tank and capris would be fine.  Just in case, I added my arm warmers.   Race morning dawned way too early but with one last weather check, I was out the door.   I had already mentally moved this from a “race” to a very public long run.   8 miles with ocean views- piece of cake right?



Rain!!! That was not in the forecast.  I kept hoping it would clear up as we drove but no luck.   It was so foggy and overcast I started to wonder if I had driven past the starting point.   Then I saw a pack of Aggies warming up along the highway- we must be close.    Once parked I headed to the epically long bathroom line and my mom headed to check me in.  Benefits of small races right?  She was back with my shirt and wristband and I still hadn’t moved forward in the bathroom line.  😂  I struck up a conversation with the women behind me.  She is my new favorite person- she said I looked 24!   I also saw Ashley before the race start.  😃   I grabbed my rain jacket from my gym bag at the last minute, it wasn’t raining hard but it was enough to get you wet and cold.   The start line was about 1/4 up the road so we all headed that way.   This is very low key event- no bibs, no timing chips, just a starter pistol at the start.  I started towards the back of pack which might not be the best idea for a gun timed race but I was just aiming for a steady run.

Miles 1-4  9:54, 10:06, 10:03, 10:08

And we were off!  We ran past the cutest little general store right at the start.  It was so overcast that the castle was completely covered up.   We went up a side street and then we were on the highway.  I should mention that the roads were not closed so we were running along the highway.  In the rain.  With cars.   My hood fell back by mile .5 and I decided to just leave it down.  I was about a mile in when I noticed something odd with my right foot.  The Vaseline was doing its job but my toes felt weird.  My shoe was full of water!  I could literally scrunch my toes and it felt like I was wringing out a towel and not my sock.  My watch was covered by my jacket sleeve so I just tried to keep what felt like a steady pace.    I started to get hot so I unzipped my jacket.  Miles 2 and 3 felt rougher than I would have liked and are kind of a blur.  I just kept my eyes forward and kept putting one foot in front of the other.   I knew there was a water station at mile 4 so seeing that meant I was halfway there.  Woo hoo!


 Miles 4-8-  10:15, 10:09, 10:06, 9:56

By now I was super warm and there was a small hill in sight.  I knew I was going to slow down running up it so I used that mile to take off my jacket and tie it around my waist.  Which meant I could now see my watch and my pace.   I did my best to ignore it and just kept running.   Left foot then right, then curl my toes to try and move the water around.   A little past mile 6 we turned off the highway onto a side street and headed for the finish.  This street was longer than I thought and I started to worry that my mom might not have found the finish line.  I hadn’t really given her directions and while running I realized I had given her the wrong street name.  Oops!   I was tiring and just wanted to be done.  I was so happy to see the finish line.  First race done!

Finish-  8.28 miles- 1:23:11


 So yeah, that was about 7 minutes slower than my last 8 mile race.  But 8.2 mile races are an automatic PR right?   Official results aren’t posted yet but I think my Garmin is pretty accurate.    I started way back in the pack and it was gun timed.    This was not the race I would have liked to run but in reality it went exactly like I expected.  I know I am out of shape right now but haven’t done a whole lot to fix it.  I think the reality of this race will give me the kick in the ass I needed.    As far as long runs go, it was a great pace.  As for race pace?  Umm, not so much.  However I am pretty impressed with the consistency of my splits.  I don’t think I’ve ever run a steadier race.   I love how you can tell the hill was in mile 5.  😝   Something else that I am happy about?  I did not take a single walk break, I ran the entire damn thing.  I can’t even tell you the last time that happened.

The finish line area was a little disorganized.  There were giveaways but I’m not sure how it was working.  I met up with my mom and then later Ashley and we chatted a bit before heading out.  Not only had my mother found the park but she beat everyone else there.  She literally parked my car next to the finish line.   😝

The ocean view was pretty in a stormy, cloudy kind of way but I wish I could have run this race in the sun.  And not just because I was soaking wet.  I may consider running it again next year but not sure.  The cost is great-$30- but I am still on the fence.  We’ll see.

Ever run on an open highway?

Race in the rain? 


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State of My Head

I feel all over the place this week.  Truthfully probably for longer than that.   * I started this yesterday but zoned out in front of a Law and Order episode.  I don’t even like Law and Order.

I feel like I am falling short pretty much everywhere.   I feel like I am over promising and under delivering on a daily basis.   I feel inadequate.

Work-I’ve been telling myself that I’m not stressed but that’s denial talking.   I can’t even remember to call the doctor on my lunch.  I’ve had to make an appointment with my dermatologist for the last 4 months yet I never seem to remember to do that on lunch.   I fall asleep instead.  I stumble over my words on a daily basis, my hand writing looks like crap.  Well, it always did but now it’s worse.  🙂    Don’t get me wrong, I really like my job, I’m just a little fried.   I fell like I am short changing the new hires.    There is so much I want to show them I just can’t figure out how to.

A few weeks ago I applied for an open internal position.   It was different from what I am doing now- more research less people interaction.  Something I never thought I’d want but it sounded it so awesome that I couldn’t pass it up.   So I applied and then interviewed.  Then lived on tenterhooks for 3 weeks.   I don’t think I realized how much I wanted the position until I didn’t get it.   I started crying on my way home last night.  Ugh.     I really wanted to shove a pizza in my face.    Instead I rode 11.5 miles on the bike and ate some gluten free granola.  Then zoned out in front of the computer and ending up eating tortilla chips later.

Running– I haven’t felt like running this week.  Like at all.  Normally I look forward to my runs.  Yes, sometimes as the day wears on I can lose some of that energy but I always start the day looking forward to a run.  This week not so much.    I have had zero desire to run.  Yet, I’ve changed my clothes and gone running just like my plan says.   Tuesday evening’s run was pretty good but I just wasn’t feeling it.   I was that horrible cranky faced runner who didn’t smile at anyone I passed.  And the path was full of people!   It wasn’t that I wasn’t trying to smile, it’s that the smile looked more like a growl.   That doesn’t bode well for a race weekend.

Let’s be Real–  Speaking of races, I feel like I am woefully under trained and not ready for what’s coming.  This weekend is one of my favorite races of the year but I can’t forget how badly last year went.  When my mother was so pissed that I completed the 5K she walked home.    On the upshot- race morning is predicted to be in the 80’s so the chance of heavy fog seems low.   I’ll deal with the warmth… hopefully.

Oh and my goal race- let’s be real here.  I am not breaking 2.   My speed work was hit and miss and running and goal half marathon pace never really happened.   Was I stoked about the paces I hit in my intervals?  Yes.  But hitting a pace for 3-6 minutes followed by a walk break does not bode well for a consistent 9:00 pace for 13 miles.  That will be a dream to hang on to for another day.

Ok, enough dreary, I need to dig my way out of the hole I am burrowing into.  I need to find my shiny.  So here we go-

Work–  I have a great crew.  Working with them makes the day a little better. 

And that view
 Running–   I know that I can.  I know that I will.  It will just take longer.  And that sunset up there?  I never used to notice those.   Oddly enough, running has brought back the photographer in me.    I’ve just moved on from wedding pictures and almond blossoms to shoe selfies and sunsets.

Falling short– Yeah, this one’s a little harder.  This may take some time.  One foot in front of the other right?

Thanks for listening to me whine the state of my head.  If you made it this far.  🙂

How do you deal with stress? Any tips?

What’s an odd benefit you’ve gained from running?

Happy Friday!

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May Miles

And just like that, May is moving on.  In one way I am not ready for the year to be halfway over (almost) but I am ready for June.  A new month and a clean slate.  🙂 So without further ado, here’s May-

May Miles 2Miles- 53.7

Races- Bands on the Run 10K

My SmashRun tells me that I ran 12 days and rested on 19.   Hmm, a little uneven.  So May was not my best month but I’ve already alluded to that on numerous posts so let’s just move on.  🙂  FullSizeRender (13)I made it out for 3 runs last week, so I am holding consistent there at least.    Wednesday was a bit sad and I only ran 2.25 miles.  My stomach was a big butt head at the beginning of last week so I got a late start.    I wasted a perfectly good non work day on Monday by not running.  I love running on holidays but I just wasn’t up to it.  Thursday, I got out for a decent 4 miles followed by a .6 mile cool down.  While the pace was decent, it felt hard.   That could have been partly due the temperature warm up we had late this week.  While the mid 70’s felt awesome, it’s been over a month since I ran in those temps.  But I was so glad to warm, I didn’t even mind that it felt hard.   🙂IMG_0562Then Saturday’s run was in the mid 80’s.  It started as a slow run, turned into a jog and then became a walk.   I had planned on doing the usual run/ walk I sometimes do with my mother but 2.5 miles in I was just walking with her.  It was warm and my left leg was feeling off so I decided that walking was just fine.    Truthfully, my left foot and leg have felt a little off since I tried to break in those Inspires.    Hmmm, I am telling myself that it is mostly in my head and just to take it easy.    I still have 2 weeks before I start training for my fall half’s, so this is the best time to figure out what is making it cranky.

I feel like I should have run more on Saturday as I ate way too much movie popcorn that night.   We went and saw San Andreas.  I admit that I have an odd fascination for earthquakes.   One of my favorite subjects in college was Geology and I briefly considered taking it further.    The movie was essentially a Syfy movie but since it had the Rock, it made it to the big screen.   I thought it was pretty good.  My mom and S laughed multiple times throughout it though.   I have to admit it got a little surreal when we decided to walk across the park after the movie to get some frozen yogurt.    Part of downtown was leveled by an earthquake 12 years ago and seeing the new buildings after the leaving the movie brought a lot of that back.  The town suffered heavy damage and loss and it took a long time to rebuild.    It brought reality back into some of the far fetched scenes in the movie.  IMG_0573

I planned on getting in a few miles today but ended up taking a nap instead.  I really got to stop doing that!  🙂   But I did do a bit of unplanned shopping and picked up some new shirts to run in.    I’ve started running in my Lululemon shorts and they are a little more form-fitting than my other stuff.  Apparently I feel the need to compensate with looser shirts.  🙂    Plus, I’ve worn the same shirt just in various colors for the past 2 years, it’s time to branch out.    Just like I decided that saving the Lulu for a special day was kind of silly, they are super comfy.

So, onto June and getting back on track!  I already know I am not running tomorrow but I am doing something running related.  But more on that later.   🙂     Oh and in May I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by MostlyHealthyLiving so that will be my next post.    🙂   Thank you!  You should go check her out!

How was your May? Goals for June?

Shirts with words/ sayings- yay or nay?

What movie are you looking forward to?