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The SF Marathon Training Week 15

I have no witty opening for this one.  That’s also assuming anything I’ve ever opened with before was witty.  Hmmm, maybe that was a reach.

Like I said in my Friday post last week, I am tired.  Just tired.  Running wise, the week was actually pretty good.   Work wise, I think my brain went into vacation mode way too early.    Oops.  That wasn’t great considering my boss was on vacation Thursday and Friday.   I needed to be firing on all cylinders.  I believe I completed most of my piles but I can’t shake the feeling that I forgot something.

Monday- 6.7 miles.  4th of July!! I met with Ashley and Heather for a very patriotic themed run down at Avila Beach.  The plan was to do 8 miles but it was my third day of running in a row and my shins and knee were pissed.   I ended up falling behind taking walk breaks but I eventually just sat on a bench 2 miles from the beach and waited for them to come back my way.  Truthfully, I wanted to swing on the swings while I waited but they were occupied by children.  Once they were back, I was able to run the whole back with them.  I was fine with fewer miles.  Then we went for a super yummy breakfast – churro french toast for the win!  It was a great way to spend the morning.

Tuesday- Rest.  Yeah, there was no way I was running a 4th day in a row.  Rest was awesome.   Plus work is always insane the day after a 3 day weekend so it was nice being able to just go home and crash.  I think I did something else but I can’t remember.

Wednesday-2.3 miles.  My legs still felt wonky.  Seriously one 20 miler less than 2 weeks ago and I’m broken for days.   I did 2 laps of the lake and called it.  They were a slow, crawling 2 laps but that’s better than no miles right?

Thursday- 3.75 miles.  Uh oh, 2 days in a row again?  However, this was the day that finally felt more normal.   I kept it short and sweet though as I didn’t want to push it.  Not only is the marathon super close but I had a half marathon on Saturday.  But I really wanted to try out my new shorts.

Friday- Rest.   My boss is on vacation so it was an open to close kind of day.  I did manage to sneak away for 10 minutes and grab my packet for Saturday’s race.    And a Diet Coke because by that time I needed one.  😛

Saturday- 13.1 miles.  Rock’n Around the Pier Half.   My hope was to run the race in the morning and do another 7 in the evening to complete a disjointed 20.   Yeah, that didn’t happen.  The race was rough and I had some problems, but more on that next post.    I did however get in a few miles of walking around SLO with some post race shopping.

Sunday- Rest.  Unless miles of walking around Santa Barbara shopping count as exercise.  😛   My mom, S and I headed to Santa Barbara for a day of birthday shopping, S has hers on Monday and mine is Tuesday.  It was fun but it made me realize how much I prefer SLO.  However I am jealous they have a PizzaRev, that place was awesome.  It was a long and tiring day and my legs/feet were fried by the end.    By the time I was home I was too tired to even finish this post in time for it go up on Monday.   On the upshot- I may have found my marathon outfit.  Priorities right?

Overall, it was a good running week, I was just exhausted.   I know that time frame wise I am at the point in training that I should be exhausted but I don’t feel like I’ve really trained enough for that.  Life has been a little crazy for a few months as well but it doesn’t usually affect me like this.    Maybe my upcoming birthday is just making me moody?  That’s a thing right?

Going forward, this week would start a traditional taper period for the marathon.  However I feel like the past few months have been a taper.  So we will see.  I know I still need to figure out water.   My handheld is not enough and my pack is crap.  Hey I rhymed!    Non running life- I have 2 vacation days!!  Happy dance, happy dance.  😃😃  I have nothing planned- it sounds awesome.

How as your weekend?

When was you last vacation? What did you do?


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San Francisco Marathon Training Week 12

Seriously, that’s a long title.   Oof.

How is it week 12 already?  My little countdown app is telling me I only have 41 days to go.   Holy crap!

I admit I struggled hard with motivation this week.     Everything seemed hard.  I thought my boss coming back from vacation would make things easier but I just felt fried.  At one point on Friday, I had so many pots in the fire I couldn’t even tell which way was up.   I was just waiting for one of them to blow up in my face.  Which may still happen this week, who knows.   All week long, I kind of just wanted to curl up in the corner and hide under a blanket.

This spilled into running.  I had serious trouble getting myself to run on Monday and then Wednesday turned into a rest day too.  Convinced myself that my shins needed more time anyways.   Week 12 is not the time to be getting lazy but I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Monday- 3.5 miles  My legs were feeling rough for this run.   I haven’t run a Monday since I first hurt my shins.   Taking the day off after my long run seemed to help but I knew I couldn’t run on Tuesday this week.   I headed to the lake path and planned to take it nice and easy.    Even slow running with walking intervals was rough.  My shins protested.  I called it when lap 3 put me back at my car.  3.5 miles was not a great way to start the week.

Tuesday- Rest  A mandatory conference call had been scheduled for after normal work hours.  This was why I had to move my run up to Monday.

Wednesday- Rest  I had planned on running, even took my stuff to work.  I tell myself I took the day off because my shins hurt.  While that is partially accurate, I didn’t even take my gym bag out of the car in the morning.  So yeah, I enjoyed pizza night instead.

Thursday- 7 miles  Work was tiring and the last thing I wanted to do was run.  I told myself to suck it up and change.  I left work town and headed for the river path.   Of course, right as I parked I suddenly felt like I needed to use the restroom.  Of course- most of my routes have no bathrooms or water fountains.  Whatever, I figured that would be a reason to keep the run short.   I started out up the hill and just stuck to the run/ walk intervals.  My legs were feeling ok so when I hit the turn around point I decided to go a little further.  I made a left and headed up a street.   I remember the street from my very first 10K years ago but I remembered it wrong.  I thought it was flat but it was hillier than I recalled.  Little rollers but they still felt like mountains.  But it’s cool- I made some new friends-

On the way back, the wind had turned insane.   It was pushing me backwards it was so strong, I felt like I was running in quicksand.   That said, my running intervals were the fastest they’ve been since I got hurt so this run ended up being more like speed work.

Friday- Rest  Work was insane.   Straight up crazy.  By the time I got off I was running out the door.  But I didn’t have to close so yay!

Saturday- 9 miles  The plan called for a 10 mile long run and 8 mile easy this weekend.  I knew Sunday was going to be busy with family stuff so I was doubtful of getting a run in.   With only a 10 mile long run planned, I got a little cocky- I mean what’s 10 miles?  Stupid.  I didn’t start my run until 8:30.  Stupid.   By mile 2 it was warm.  NikeC was out for her run too and we started texted each other about how warm it was.  I kept a comfortable pace until I hit the bridge.  Even though I know it’s stupid, I still fly across the thing and then up past Walmart.  Miles 4-5 saw a 9:14 and 9:44.  Oops.  So not long run pace for a person with wonky shins.   I walked more of mile 6 than planned but still the pace was decent.  Mile 7 saw a break- NikeC!  Our routes crossed paths and I finally got to meet the cutest little guy ever.

We stopped and chatted for a bit before going on to finish our runs.   Our chat meant I wasn’t going to be able to finish 10 but it was worth it.   I was planning on ending my run at the high school and getting a ride from my mother.  She’s having summer practices right now- and bonus- the school has water fountains and sometimes the bathrooms are open.   Thing is her practice ended at 10:30.    I picked up the pace and managed to get there right at 10:30.  Those last 3 miles were most I’ve run without walk breaks in a month.  Sweet!

4.5 miles walk–  Knowing that Sunday was iffy, I had a second run of the day in the back of my mind.  I headed out around 3 for some more miles.   I wanted to run it like last week’s double but the week caught up with me so I walked it.  I’m still counting it because let’s be real here- there will be walking in this marathon.   I may as well get used to doing it on tired legs now instead of race day.

Sunday- rest  Happy Father’s Day!  I knew my mother and I had plans in SLO and then family dinner in the evening.  I could have run in the morning but I was just so tired, I chose sleep instead.    I still managed to get in 10,000 steps without running so that’s not too lazy.  I also came home with some pretties-

So, 24 miles for the week.  Could have been better, could have been worse.   My shins were overly fussy in the beginning of the week but they calmed down by the end.   I have big plans for this week so I am hoping they will continue to behave.   Fingers crossed!!  I also hope the motivation bus comes by again, I fear I will get sucked into the black hole that is binge watching Lost again and put off running.  Oh and I have some awesome news share this week!

How was your week?

Bought any new gear lately?

What are you watching?


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Ramblin’ On

I seem to like to ramble in the middle of the week.  34 days into the year and I am in a funk.

Minus the 6 day sick streak in January, I have been hitting the workouts I set for myself each week.   January was a solid start to regaining my base.   I started cross training more often, you could even call it consistent now.  🙂   Then this week.  I have yet to run this week.  I just can’t seem to get motivated.


Kimi is unimpressed by my lack of motivation

Maybe it’s taper crazies?  Not that I really needed to taper but I have had some phantoms pains too.   Maybe it’s that the last week or so of runs have been ugly and rough.  I am not expecting them to be all sunshine and daisies but an 11:00 minute pace was kicking my ass last Sunday.  That doesn’t bode well for Sunday’s race.

Maybe it’s that work has been all Mondays for the last week?   Which is odd because even though we are running short handed, our crew is small but mighty.  However, I feel like I am forgetting some huge important detail.    I hate that feeling.    Maybe it will come to me during the race on Sunday.   🙂

I need to snap out of this.  I started this post on Tuesday night but deleted it- it sounded way too whiny and pissy.   But some venting does help.    And there is #shiny still.  Like I said, the crew at work right now is awesome.    I have a fun weekend planned with 20,000 other crazies like me.  Besides the race festivities on Saturday and Sunday, I have some other fun things in the works for this weekend that I am looking forward to sharing with you.

So tell me- is it taper crazies or am I just cranky?

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A Little Truth Time

Truth– I didn’t run for 7 days.  It made me twitchy in the beginning, feeling like I should get out and run, but the last few days the laziness felt easier.

Truth– I’m in a funk.  Work funk, life funk, running funk.  Can’t quite decide the best way out of the funk.  I’ve considered going back to school–well, I’d have to finish it first.

Truth– Food and I have a very dysfunctional relationship.   And it’s not working out anymore.    It’s not like I can break up with it.  For once, I’m not referring to my stomach issues.  I’ve debated writing a longer post on this but haven’t figured out how.

Truth– Green tea is growing on me.  Some brands taste like lemon pledge but some are pretty good.

Truth-I am trying to learn to like the treadmill.   It’s a necessary training tool and if I want to run better I need to train better.  Which means actually getting to the gym to run.   So tonight, I laced up and ran a very slow 5k.  But nothing ached for once- new for a treadmill run- so I’m calling it a win.

Truth-I love the cheesy holiday movies that are on every channel these days.  My DVR is getting quite the work out these days.   But-please, don’t hate me now- I am not a fan of Elf.

Truth– Tuesday was our company holiday party and I indulged with a Diet Coke- they all got wine and I had a Diet Coke.   😋

Truth– I just got distracted while typing this with one those previously mentioned Christmas movies.

Truth– I purchased a new toy- a Jawbone Up.  Standing is not moving.  I have a stand up desk but sadly I’ve been averaging 3500 steps a day- ouch!!

Truth– Everything said above is trivial in the grand scheme of things.

Truth– My commute took an hour and a half this morning, twice as long.  But as I drove past the horrific wreck that was reason for the delay, I thought that we all just need to slow down.  We all need to complain a little less and be grateful for what we have.   Not only during the holidays- all of the days.

What’s your truth today?



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Week 16?- Blah

I really have to go back over these posts, I think I am a week off somewhere.  I shouldn’t be on week 16 until next Sunday.   Hmmm, maybe I can’t count?

If you read Thursday’s post, you know I got a little emotional last week.   I’m still feeling a out of sorts but I’m going to just keep smiling and fake it til I make it.  Thank you to everyone who commented.  🙂

Monday- Rest

Harvest Marathon meeting.  Where did the time go?  Race day is only a month away?  Well, crap that’s soon.   Unfortunately numbers are down.  I’ve noticed that at a lot of races this year.   I run a lot of the same races and they all seem smaller this year.  Has anyone else noticed that?

Tuesday- 3.8 miles

I really wasn’t feeling a run.  I couldn’t really pinpoint why so I made myself change into my running gear.  I headed to the river path for an easy run.    My mother texted me as I parked and I was hopeful she wanted to meet for dinner and I could ignore the run.  I was half right.  She did want to meet for dinner but was still at a tennis match.  So I went running.    Despite my weird funk it was a pretty solid run.   It started out slow with a nice progression to a faster finish.   I fit in 3.8 miles before I went to meet her. 

 Wednesday- 11.5 miles bike

Today was rough.   I think the bad news about the potential job was the final push and I got a little emotional.   At least I made the right choice that night and turned to exercise instead of food.  My legs felt a little rubbery when I was done with those miles.   😄

Thursday- 4.77 miles

Once again, I just wasn’t feeling my run.  The plan called for speed work but I was having troubles talking myself into even running 2 miles.  I headed back to the river path and just figured I would run whatever my head wanted to.  I kept it easy and tried to just shut my brain up.   I don’t know how well it worked but I feel like it was a solid set of miles.  While our temps have been very un-fall like- we have had some amazing sunsets.  It’s hard to be mad when you see this-

Friday- Rest

More like chaos.  Due to some scheduling issues and a late summer illness, there was only myself and 2 other people at work.    Being down 50% of your crew is painful.  I knew we could do it, but there were some logistical issues that had me concerned.    We did get a some help from other locations for portions of the day and thankfully it was a slightly slower than normal Friday.    We got through the day and I have never been so glad to close the doors.   😖 But hey a customer told me I had an amazing attitude so score!


Saturday- Rest

I planned to ride the bike but I was so damn tired I chose a nap instead.  Wish it could have been longer.   I also worked the registration table for my favorite race of the year.  HOB Fun Run!    This was the first race I’d ever run.  And it turns out it was 5 years ago Saturday and this showed up on my Timehop-
Sunday- 10K and 5K

I love this event but it does stress me out.  It’s a race where I am guaranteed to know a ton of people.  Performance anxiety!!!!  Plus the last two years we’ve had a running team with matching shirts.  You can’t hide when you’re wearing matching clothes.  😉  Race recap will be up Wednesday.


Oddly enough, for a week when running was the last thing I felt like doing, I turned in one of my highest mileage weeks in months.  Which is partially cool and partially sad because I would love to see a higher number.    But it is what it is.  Despite my funk, I feel like they were all solid miles and solid miles help build a stronger runner.   Right? Can’t complain about solid miles.

Paleo–  Oh hell, I don’t even want to grade myself.  Lunch and breakfast were still good but other choices were not.  Let’s just say donuts and pizza happened.  Way more often than they should have.   Oddly enough it was my nice healthy salads that made me feel sick.   I’ve been experimenting with various types of lettuce and some are not winners.    But now I know I can add kale to the list of things I can’t eat.     I’d never eaten it before so luckily it’s not something I’ll miss.

So yes, last week was rough but I am going to try to look on the bright side.   I got all my miles in plus a solid cross training workout.   I had a fun (busy) weekend and got to see a bunch of people.    Oh and I dyed my hair again.  😏   My boss is back this week- woo hoo!- and I am looking forward to a weekend of nothing.   And then taper!  Or am I in taper now?  How did I mess up my damn race plan so much?

How was your weekend?

What’s your favorite race? 

Is taper the week before race week of the week of the race for a half?  My brain has turned off.